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directors and producers

something about the directors and producers

Vigil Bose

Actor| Writer | Director | Cinematographer | Producer

In his day job, Mr Vigil works as a Senior Information Technology Executive and a Management Consultant. He is also a passionate filmmaker who believes in departing from the norm while making movies.  He is the writer, director and cinematographer of the short film FALL. He is currently attending a master class in Direction by Oscar-winning Hollywood director Ron Howard. Mr Vigil is also listed in IMDB at https://www.imdb.me/vigil

Binny Cherian

Executive Producer

Mr Binny Cherian is an accomplished poet and a story writer. Mr Cherian began writing at the age of 12. Having many works published in Malayalam periodicals, his interests turned to photography when he laid his hands on an SLR camera first time with which he captured the life and beauty of Kerala and South India. One can see the glimpses of his published images through a Google search. Mr Cherian also works as the CEO and the Operations Executive at CT Solutions Inc and VPrint Inc in Fairfax, Virginia.

interesting details about F A L L

FALL Locations

The director Vigil handled the cinematography for the film FALL.  During the premiere of the film, he talked about storytelling through visuals. This film will not disappoint the audience as it captures the beauty of nature while narrating a mainstream story. Vigil brought home 10 awards in Cinematography for the film FALL from international film festivals.


The film FALL was filmed in multiple locations.

Algonkian Park, Sterling Virginia

The opening shot was filmed at Algonkian Regional Park, located in Sterling, Virginia. It’s a beautiful park with curvy roads and roughly 838 acres of outdoor adventures.

Point of Rocks, Maryland

Our second location was Point of Rocks, Maryland. It is known for the striking rock formation on the adjacent Catoctin Mountain, which was formed by the Potomac River cutting through the ridge in a water gap, a typical formation in the Appalachian Mountains. It is also known for its Victorian Style metro station which has become a noted town landmark.

Cunningham Falls State Park, Thurmont, Maryland

The third location was Cunningham Falls State Park, which is a public recreation area located west of Thurmont, Maryland. There is a boardwalk from Route 77 that goes directly to the base of the falls which is where our climax was filmed.

Lake Anne, Reston Virginia

Our fourth location was Lake Anne, Reston. It is a reservoir in the unincorporated suburban community of Reston in Fairfax County, Virginia. Lake Anne is also the name of the village centre that surrounds the lake. This is where we filmed one of the important scenes in the film FALL.

Clarksburg, Maryland

Our fifth location was a friends house located in Clarksburg, Maryland.

Ashburn, Virginia

Our sixth location was another friend’s house located in the neighbouring city of Sterling, Virginia, which is called Ashburn.

Areekkal Water Falls, Kerala, India

Our seventh location was in India. Areekkal falls is situated within a steep trench near to highway. The name board on the roadside with points out the stairway down towards the fall. This beautiful fall is one of the least explored waterfalls in Ernakulam, situated near Piramadam, Kerala.

Cast & Crew

Lead Actor: JIJU NAIR as Michael Williams
Lead Actress: SINDHU NAIR as Dr Olivia Thomas
Lead Supporting Actor: PRAVEEN KUMAR as The Mystery Man

Written & Directed By: VIGIL BOSE
Lake Anne Scene Dialogues: SUJIL CHANDRA BOSE
Director of Photography: VIGIL BOSE
Casting Director: SHILPA M. CHERIAN
Assistant Camera: RAKESH SAHADEVAN
Sound Design: JENSON JOSE
Production Design: BOSE VARGHESE
Production Coordinator: RATHEESH NAIR
Production Assistant: JOE KELAT
Executive Producer: BINNY CHERIAN
Produced By: VIGIL BOSE

FALL Theme Poem

The writer, director Vigil wants to convey the underlying message behind his  maiden short film “FALL” through a poem. Its the about the emotions that his character(s) experiences in the film FALL.

FALL Theme Poem


No face, no voice no body
No style to worry nobody to wait
He stood there alone
While the winds sighed around

The grimly shots, the loud echoes
Lives lost came back to him
Staring with their ghastly smiles
As he stepped back in fear

Those who lost did win
And it is the trigger who lost
He told himself in the sway
He had lost him in the fray

No pain, no joy and no gains
But haunts that return every night
The blade that threatens
From behind in the shadows

Each step turns into a loose stone
And he swerves before he falls
Trust none, not even his sighs
The lord has left him long ago

He knows there wont be another rise
Another dawn or another kiss
Not pausing to look back
The valley beckoned down below

Winds helped the fall
Birds sang and trees played the lute
As the sighs wafted through
A drama ended in vain

The blade lost its enemy
And the bullets its muscle
No more to silence or suppress
None to mourn the fall.

~ Sujil Chandrabose

movie awards

The story of vivid illusionary experiences and inner conflicts

The short film Fall is currently running in International Film Festivals around the world and has so far won 44 awards from eleven international film festivals that span India, Europe & United States. The notable awards are for Best Experimental Film, Best Crime Short, Best Thriller Short, Best Special Effects, Best Visual Effects, Best Jury Award, Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking, Best Sound Design, Outstanding Achievement Award in Background Score, Best Direction, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Cinematography, Best Drone Usage and Best Editing.

Reviews about the movie

We were privileged to view the short film “Fall”, conceived, scripted and directed by Vigil Bose. The film in a short span in a brilliantly executed visuals takes the viewer to the inner conflicts of professionals who deal with the security of the United States. To a normal person, such a professional role appears glamourous like that of an airline pilot, who has the life of hundreds of passengers when he is piloting his plane. In a similar parallel, a drone controller and his boss has a split second to identify friend or foe and give the directions for the kill. The toll that takes on the individual is beautifully and artistically crafted. Getting into the emotional aspect of a situation and visually capturing it, is what “Fall” does well and leaves a lot to the imagination of the viewer. A well-done film.

The film does a great job creating a suspense and thriller for the audience and even helps set up a potential prequel/sequel. The mystery and action that surrounds the characters in the film keeps your eye on the screen along with the wonderful graphics and stylized editing. Hollywood and cinema in general need more stories and narratives by Indian filmmakers and this is a great example of a contender.

I had the opportunity to watch this film. The Writing was great and intense. The Directing brought the writing to life quite well. The Acting was natural and kept the audience engaged. The Cinematography was beautiful bringing the production value very high. The Editing complimented the story perfectly. The Score matched the mood of the scenes in an amazing way. The Visual FX added to the feel of the genre. Overall amazing work!

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The story of vivid illusionary experiences and inner conflicts
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