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F A L L, The Mystery Thriller’s Background

“I have always regarded the folks who serve the nation with great respect. And I wanted to make a film that touches their life in general. However, to me, making a film has always been a long time dream. The theater activities that I was part of while growing up in India had a greater influence in my life. When I came to the US, my desire to pursue the visual medium only increased. The photography experience led me to handle the camera in several indie short movies. However, I never thought of directing a film until the year 2017,” Vigil told Three Eye Visuals.

“The story thread of FALL sprung in my mind during a casual trip to a historic place called “Point of Rocks” in Maryland. The striking rock formation on the adjacent Catoctin Mountain, which was formed by the Potomac River cutting through the ridge in a water gap, a typical formation in the Appalachian Mountains. Also, this place is reminiscent of its Victorian Style metro station which has become a noted town landmark and a pivotal location in the making of the short film FALL,” he noted to Three Eye Visuals.

“The war movies that I have seen in the past have influenced me to come up with a story that touches the lives of a man who serves the nation on the battlefield. Further, I wanted to tell a story with all the mainstream elements from an artistic perspective that can captivate an average moviegoer by raising the intriguing part of the story. I also wanted to make a film that can appeal to the international audience with a thriller mystery. This is how the character, Michael Williams, played by Mr. Jiju Nair is born. I also wanted to explore how a tough man who has served as an undercover operative in a foreign land and who has been exposed to traumatic incidents, behave after the discharge,” Vigil told Three Eye Visuals.

The unsound state of a wounded soul adds more depth and contrast to the character of Michael Williams. As a fighter, Michael trusts his instincts to defy the odds of his unsound mind. The question remains is how long can he continue? This is when the protagonist takes the help of a passionate and charming Psychiatrist Dr. Olivia Thomas, played by Ms. Sindhu Nair. Dr. Thomas is a representation of calmness and has an innate nature to connect with her clients on an emotional level that is mutually beneficial. She may be the only last hope for Michael to help him bring back his old glory. Without the element of mystery, the story does not add the level of punch that it needed. Who is the man that Michael sees during his explosive maze ride? This mystery character is being played by Praveen Kumar. He has worked hard to transform himself into a villainous role in this film. He has been widely known to the people in the community as a kind of person who is light-hearted, witty and soft-spoken kind. However, his transformation into a mystery man will definitely surprise you.

With a plot that revolves around the life of a former undercover operative Michael Williams, who’s deployed in tactical combat zones, the movie sets a strong impact on the minds of the audience. The premise of the film “FALLis beyond a short film format. Upon returning from active duty, he finds himself battling demons on what he has done and what has been done to him. According to the famous Cult Critic Film Magazine, “If you love watching suspense movies, F A L L can give you a thrilling experience that forces the viewer to rewind again and again in intrigue. The film has so far won 55 international awards and several nominations from 24 film festivals that span India, US and Europe. The noted ones are Best Thriller Short, Best Crime Short, Best Special FX, Best Visual FX, Best Experimental Film, Best Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Sound Design, Best Jury Award, Outstanding Achievement in Music Score, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor and first-time filmmaker awards. We filmed FALL at six beautiful locations in the US and one in India. Please subscribe to our newsletter to get a sneak peek at the latest news on the film FALL and claim the first dibs on the film release news.


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