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About Vigiel Bose

Vigiel Bose

Actor | Director | Producer

Embarking on a journey that seamlessly weaves acting and filmmaking into an illustrious tapestry, Vigiel Bose is an award-winning actor and filmmaker based in the United States. While his legal first name is Vigil, he has recently adopted the screen name, Vigiel Bose. He was born as the second son to Subha Bose and Chandrabose, and his formative years unfolded amidst the vibrant landscapes of Kochi, India.

In 1997, Vigiel ventured across continents to the United States, driven by an unwavering passion for Information Technology. However, beneath the surface of his professional pursuits, a profound love for acting, theatre, and cinema had taken root during his upbringing. His early exposure to storytelling and performance came through The Little Theatre group in Kochi, where he honed his acting skills.

Vigiel’s cinematic journey began with an Indian television series titled “Roses in December,” directed by Jude Attipetty. Since then, he has graced the stage in numerous theatre productions and appeared in television series. Upon moving to the US, he quickly shifted into the position of Director of Photography for a range of short films and video productions, highlighting his adaptability and skill behind the lens.

In 2017, Vigiel marked his directorial debut with the short film “FALL,” a poignant creation available on Amazon Prime that has garnered over sixty international film awards. His commitment to storytelling is evident, with each frame reflecting a purposeful narrative that resonates with audiences worldwide.

For Vigiel, acting is not merely a profession; it’s an immersive experience of slipping under the skin of diverse characters and living in those moments. He derives immense joy from influencing minds through the purposeful portrayal of characters that leave a lasting impact. His talent was recognized with the Best Actor award at leading film festivals in the US and abroad for his role in the 2018 short film “Chained.” The year 2022 marked his acting debut in the English feature film “CLOWNS,” setting the stage for a promising career in the world of feature films. His first released feature film, “BULLET,” a chess game-based psychological thriller, is now available on Amazon Prime, offering audiences a gripping cinematic experience.

Vigiel Bose is not one to conform to norms; his filmmaking philosophy transcends the ordinary, capturing the true spirit of storytelling through the visual medium. Currently involved in several upcoming big-budget films, Vigiel is a multifaceted artist with two feature films in progress, slated for release later this year. Furthermore, his foray into directing, a short psychological drama titled “FRAGMENTED,” is currently undergoing post-production, revealing not only his directorial skill but also his compelling portrayal as the main antagonist..

In the realm of cinema, Vigiel Bose emerges as a storyteller par excellence, unraveling layers of artistry that continue to captivate audiences and redefine the boundaries of creativity. Mr. Vigiel is also listed in IMDB at https://imdb.me/vigielbose