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About Vigil

Vigil Bose (VIGIL)

Writer | Director | Cinematographer | Actor

In his day job, Mr. Vigil works as a Senior Information Technology Executive and a Management Consultant. He is also a passionate filmmaker who believes in departing from the norm while making movies.

Mr. Vigil has been part of many short movies and has always imbibed the true spirit of storytelling through a visual medium. He is also a firm believer in bringing in the latest technology innovations to the fine art of movie making. While growing up, he has developed a passion for acting, theatre, and movies. He was also part of The Little Theatre group in Cochin that helped him nurture his acting and storytelling skills at a young age. He has acted in several theatre productions and television series. As an actor, he has over 20 years experience on stage, three television series, and one feature film. He has also worked as the Director of Photography for several short movies and video productions. Recently, he made his debut in filmmaking. He is the writer, director, and cinematographer of the short film FALL. With this maiden film, Vigil has received over  25 awards and many nominations from various international film festivals around the globe in multiple categories. His recent performance as an actor in the short film “Chained”, directed by Ganesh Bhat won him the Best Actor Awards from India, the US and Italy. His debut feature film in the US is CLOWNS, written and directed by Alexander Kane. He is currently attending a master class in Direction by Oscar-winning Hollywood director Ron Howard. Mr. Vigil is also listed in IMDB at https://imdb.me/vigil

Vigil Bose Writer, Cinematographer, Producer Biography: Vigil was born as the second son to Subha Bose and M. Chandrabose and was raised in Cochin, India. In 1997, he immigrated to United States to pursue a career in Information Technology. While growing up, he has developed passion for acting, theatre and movies. He was also part of The Little Theatre group in Cochin that helped him nurture his acting...
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