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Fall, now available for purchase and rental on REELHOUSE

The director turned producer Mr. Vigil told Three Eye Visuals that his maiden film "FALL" is now available on ReelHouse Media Worldwide.  The film was already released on Amazon Prime in the US and the UK in January 2019. The film runs successfully in international film festivals around the world and so far...

Color Theory Behind “F A L L”

Color plays a vital role in realizing the director's vision in any movie. It can affect us emotionally, psychologically and even physically without us becoming aware.  In movies, color can build harmony or tension within a scene. The director of FALL chooses a deliberate and a well-placed color palette that evokes mood and...

F A L L, The Mystery Thriller’s Background

"I have always regarded the folks who serve the nation with great respect. And I wanted to make a film that touches their life in general. However, to me, making a film has always been a long time dream. The theater activities that I was part of while growing up in India had...