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A film by VIGIL
Fall is inspired by observing the experiences of those overseas deployed US undercover agents who were ruthlessly successful in infiltrating insurgent operations because of their genetic lineage. These soldiers provide a highly efficient covert machinery for US operations thereby promoting the diversity program within special services. Michael William’s story celebrates the success of such combatant’s hailing from a diverse background while bringing out the elements of distrust among his colleagues, bias within the group and his own frustration in executing his tasks. Lauded for his knowledge of the terrain and ability to neutralize any flaring hostilities, Michael becomes a pill that is painful to swallow and hard to spit out once discharged. The film fall weaves together the struggles of a former undercover agent, Michael Williams in shaking off the demons from his traumatic past with the help of a passionate psychiatrist, Dr Olivia Thomas. Fall paints Michael’s psychologically imbalanced mind through a set of hard paced events that bring back memories riddled with horror in the line of duty. FALL is listed in IMDB at https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8169718


A Suneeta Misra Short
Produced by Spectromatics, LLC., in association with Three Eye Visuals, the short film “Myopia” directed by a seasoned filmmaker Ms. Suneeta Misra, focuses on stereotypes and prejudices that often color our perceptions of other communities which are different from ours. We view those who are not like us in skin color, faith, ethnicity, or sexual orientation, with suspicion despite our best intentions. The cast of the film includes Sangeeta Agrawal, Mary Ca, Tevon Horton, Theodore Adams, Daquan Sims, Karthik Bose and Keerthana Bose.


A Film By Ganesh Bhat
Produced by M & M Creations based in Maryland, the short film “Chained” directed by a new filmmaker Mr. Ganesh Bhat, focuses on the social cause which he thinks can have a positive impact on society.  The cast of the film includes Vigil Bose and Motti Tadmor. The movie plot revolves around a mystery man holding Thomas in captivity and taking him to their haunting past which brings emotional distress in their minds. Thomas tries to escape which goes awry in an unexpected dimension. The movie Chained is listed in IMDB at https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10544902


A Film By Alexander Kane
CLOWNS, written and directed by Alexander Kane, is a tale of revenge. A filmmaker-turned-serial killer hunts down and captures the key individuals in his life responsible for his downward spiral. The movie Clowns is listed in IMDB at https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2178993

Starring: Ellice McCoy, Paul Seiber, Jeremy Marr Williams, Deirdre McCullagh, Daniel Elliot, Vigil Bose, Angel Brown, and Erica Ortiz